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Nothing is more romantic than a wedding set among the lush grass of a private estate. But what happens when your favorite pair of heels are stilleto or spikes? You may get stuck in the ground, that’s what. One easy solution is to choose a chunky heel or platform style shoe for these outdoor fetes. For those gals who don’t want to compromise their wicked awesome kicks for practicality, check out these handy little accessories that you can purchase to solve this problem. These little plastic doo-dads are caps that fit over your heel tip and offer a wider base to prevent skewering the lawn. They come in a variety of colors from clear to brown or black and various shapes. Try them out ahead of time to be sure you have the right fit for your shoe.

Here are just a few of the brands out there – you might even find them at your bridal salon.

Starlettos – This year’s Emmy nominees all receive a pair of  in their gift baskets.

Sole Mates  come in clear, black, silver or gold.  Endorsed in Oprah’s “O” Magazine.

Heels Above – as seen on the “Kendra” Show – a gift to Kendra Wilkinson and her bridesmaids to wear at the Playboy mansion lawn for Kendra’s wedding to Hank Baksett.

Ideal Heel offer full heel protection rather than just the tips and even come in hot pink!

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