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Wedding Traditions…

They’re so, well, traditional.  But in today’s wedding world, there is a wonderful trend to reflect the personalities of the bride and groom –  and that often means blending of traditions or altering them to have a more modern feel.  And when it comes to holding an outdoor wedding, there are definitely some things that need to be addressed when dealing with the elements.  One tradition that has become very popular at outdoor weddings is the sand ceremony.  This is a beautiful, meaningful event that takes the place of the traditional unity candle ceremony.  As you can imagine, the unity candle is not very practical at an outdoor wedding where the slightest breeze will snuff out one or all of the candles or even prevent the unity candle from being lit at all.   At best, it’s frustrating and embarrassing, at worst, it can be seen as a bad omen by some.   The unity candle is best kept to indoor weddings.   In addition, with the unity candle  ceremony, there is no lasting memento – once the wedding is over and the candles blown out, the significance is left as a fleeting memory.  Enter the Unity Sand Ceremony.  How does it work?  The premise is the same as with the unity candle ceremony and it goes something like this:

Sand Ceremony


An empty vase or vessel is flanked by two individual containers of sand.  Typically clear glass containers and colored sand are used to add beauty to this meaningful event.  After the wedding vows are taken, the couple will each pour a portion of the sand from their vase,  representing them as individuals,  into the central vase, representing their union.  They may pour all of the sand from their individual vessels into the central vase to signify all that they are, all that they have been and all that they will be is now joined for eternity.  Or they may choose not pour in all of the sand from their individual vessels to signify the coming together and blending of their lives while retaining their unique individuality.   Either way, a beautiful keepsake is created that will act as a reminder of the merging of these two lives together. 

Find out more about the Unity Sand Ceremony at this informative website  http://www.unitysandceremony.net/unity-sand-ceremony/