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The Wedding Registry…

Here’s a bit of trivia for you – the original wedding registry was established by Marshall Fields Department Store in Chicago, Illinois in 1924 mostly as a means for engaged couples to choose their china, crystal and silver patterns. It was a such a hit that it quickly caught on and today nearly every retail store offers a registry of their own. It’s easy for an engaged couple to find items to their liking with the vast array of options.  You can even create a honeymoon registry (more on that later).  The beauty of a registry is that it gives your guests gift options that will be a guaranteed success since you’ve picked out the items yourselves.  A registry will also keep track of what has already been purchased so you avoid duplicates and triplicates (who needs 3 toasters?).  

Enough for the background…this blog is titled “no-cost ways to give to charity” – so let’s get to that point.  I recently ran across this company online and want to pass it along to all of you.   The  “I Do” Foundation offers a great registry where up to 10% of your guests gift purchase will go toward a charity of your choosing at no additional cost to them or yourselves!  It’s a win-win situation – you get the items you want or need to set up your home, your guests know what you’d like to have and the chosen charity gets a bonus donation on your behalves.  Simply sign up with I Do (it’s free) and then register with one of their partner stores to begin.  There are over 1.5 million charities to choose from.

 I Do Foundation Find out more here https://www.idofoundation.org/welcome/registries/giftregistry.html

What are your thoughts on including charities and socially conscious ideas into a wedding celebration?