Here’s a practical tip for our Maui brides.  So many of you are crafty and have hand-created gorgeous items for your wedding or hand-picked special favors and accessories for your wedding.  With the restrictions that airlines put on your luggage allowances,  shipping to Maui is often necessary. 

Please, please, please take note, THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – do not ship USPS ground or Parcel Post! 

The post office may tell you that it will only take 10-14 days to arrive on Maui, but don’t believe them.  USPS Parcel Post to Maui always takes at least one month and sometimes, such as during the holiday season, can take 2-3 months to arrive!  The Post Office will put your package on the slow boat and there is no rescuing it.  Truly, the savings you would realize from shipping parcel post are meager compared to the angst you will experience in awaiting your parcel to arrive.   After putting so much of yourself into these little gems, you want them to be there for your special day!  USPS only charges a little more to ship Priority to Maui, and it’s more than worth the measly upgrade costs.    Please heed this advice.

The exception is if you are shipping UPS Ground – they offer a “ground” service that goes ground to the West Coast and then flies to the islands, but the cost is much higher for UPS or FedEx.

I’ll share a little history with you – we have had one wedding where custom made items arrived ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING!  That was cutting it too close for comfort!  And with another wedding, the package did not arrive at all.  So all the effort and expense that went into the items in that package was for naught.  Such a shame.  So keep this in mind, whether you ship a box yourself or a vendor is shipping directly to Maui on your behalf.  No Parcel Post!  You’ll be glad that you did.